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St. George the Great Martyr & Trophy Bearer Romanian Orthodox Church

We are a parish of The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, Orthodox Church in America, a part of the worldwide communion of Orthodox Churches, which profess the Apostolic Faith as articulated by the Ecumenical Councils of the One, undivided Church.  In addition, we fully participate in the Council of Orthodox Churches in Stark County.  Founded by Romanian immigrants, St. George strives to serve those of Romanian ancestry and families newly arrived from Romania along with converts and believers newly baptized in the Orthodox Faith.  The "language of the land" (English) is used primarily with limited use of the Romanian language in worship.

 SUNDAY MORNINGS:  Matins 8:30am / Holy Liturgy 10am

  • Our Romanian Traditional Dinners are held on the first (1st) Sunday of each month 11:30am - 2:00pm, unless otherwise noted.  Please continue to join us and invite your family and friends!
  • Please join us as we celebrate the Patron Feast/Hramul Bisericii of our parish, St. George the Great Martyr & Trophy Bearer, on the weekend of April 25-26.  Saturday evening we will have Great Vespers, followed by a Dance in the parish hall.  Music by DJ Vlad; cash bar; bring snacks/appetizers to share.  Cost is only $5/adult, children under 18 years and everyone named George are FREE!

    Then join us the next morning for Divine Liturgy, followed by a Festive Banquet in honor of St. George.  Free-will offerings will be accepted.
  • Everyone is invited to come to our Event Center on Monday evenings at 6pm for Ballroom Dancing Lessons, and on Wednesday evenings at 7pm for Line Dancing Lessons.  More information can be obtained at the events, or by calling the parish office in advance.
  • We invite those interested to join us at our St. George Church's 11th Step Meditation Meeting of Alcoholic Anonymous in the church library on Sunday nights at 6:30pm for an evening of meditation, 12 step recovery work and fellowship.  These gatherings are open to anyone with a desire to stop drinking.  Contact the parish office for more information.
  • Bulletin Sponsors and Coffee Hour Sponsors are needed.  If you interested in donating either of these, please contact the parish office for details.
  • Church School classes are held immediately following Holy Communion at the Sunday Holy Liturgy.  All children preschool through Grade 8 are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Parents, this responsibility is one we are charged with and should so the very best we can to see that our children are in church, participating in the Eucharist and teaching offered.
  • The Honorary Consul of Romania in Ohio is working on compiling a list of Businesses in Ohio owned by Romanians with the intent to publish a directory on the consulate website. It is not for profit but rather as a resource for our Romanian community as a whole to support and share.  Business owners, if you wish to be included, please send your Business Name, Address, Telephone, Website and/or email to: imv2111@barnard.edu
  • Please take advantage of the services offered to expand your spiritual prayer life and to participate in the Sacrament of Confession.  Those who are unable to participate in Confession at the offered times, please contact Fr. George to make an appointment.
  • You will see a special collection box in the foyer of our church for Old Cell Phones & Used Printer Cartridges.  With your offering of these items, we are able to receive money which is used to help stock our food pantry.  And don't forget to bring your Paper & Cardboard to the paper recycling bin.  Please contribute to this cause when you are able!
  • Please remember that due to privacy regulations (HIPPA), area hospitals do not phone churches anymore when a patient is admitted.  Please be sure family notifies the parish office if you wish Fr. George to visit.
  • Have you renewed your parish membership yet?  You can do so at any time in the parish office.  We are also happy to welcome and invite Orthodox Christians looking for a spiritual home as new members.  Please see Fr. George if you would like to join our parish family.

April 19
Blessing of Graves

April 22
Great Vespers & Confession

April 23
Feast of St. George the
    Great Martyr & Trophy
    Bearer (Liturgy 9am)

April 25
Great Vespers (4pm)
Festive Dance

April 26
St. George Patron Feast
    (Hramul Bisericii) Banquet

May 17
Pomana Luncheon IMO John
    & Virginia Lungociu &



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