At the turn of the Twentieth Century, a wave of European immigrants were arriving and settling in the United States.  Those who came to Canton, Ohio brought with them their will to work, their strong family ties, their courage and their strong religious background.

As was the case with many immigrant groups, the Romanians, too, wanted to contribute something of the Mother country to the community in which they had chosen to settle.  In their humble beginnings many formed social clubs in which to gather.  Such was the Trian Society of 1907 here in Canton, Ohio.  This was a way that they could attempt to hold on to their Romanian Culture by meeting socially and maintaining contact with each other in a new land.  The most lasting contribution they would make was one which would preserve some of the culture of Romania but, more importantly, one which would provide them a spiritual guidance under which they had been raised.

On March 15, 1911, it was decided to form a church and a committee to initiate a campaign started to raise funds for a Romanian Orthodox Church.  The site at 1855 Seventh Street NE was purchased shortly afterwards.  On September 29, 1912, a general meeting was held to announce St. George the Great-Martyr & Trophy-Bearer Romanian Orthodox Church of Canton, Ohio; and on October 11, 1912, St. George Church was incorporated and registered in the state of Ohio.

The first Parish Council was composed of the following parishioners:
President - Peter Mihaltian
Vice President - Victor Bertea
Recording Secretary - George Musat
Finance Secretary - George Candea
Trustees - John Moga & Stefan Candea
Committee Members - Iosif Velcelean, Avram Zafie, Bucur Hirist, Vasile Sandru, Ilie Zidea,
Avisalon Marian, Vasile Popa, Ioan Muntean, Dumitru Pascu, Dumitru Filimon, Ioan Orlandea,
Dionisie Marcu, Simon Hanea, Dumitru Gravila, Iosif Ciontea, Gheorghe Serban, Ioan Bertea,
Irimie Muntean, Zaharie Bobes

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